Monday, December 17, 2007

Youth Wing at Nellai

Politics has become part-time business for some people:Stalin

Chanakyan Ssys: True, look how seriously we take Politics.  It is a full-time, family run Business for us.

Mr.Stalin came down heavily on leaders who were aspiring to become Chief Minister immediately after launching their parties. Mr Stalin made it clear that responsibilities come to people who toil and persevere and not for those waiting in the sidelines to grab their chances.

Chanakyan Says:  Have you forgotten Mr.Rahul Gandhi?  He has not started his own party.  Just joined the Congress party a couple of years ago and now Your own sister Ms Kanimozhi is calling him "The man who will lead india in future".  But I would like to make a small correction Stalin ji.  Responsibilities and postings come not to those who toil and persevere but only to those who are born in the family and members of the extended family.  Am I right?

The words in
Red are news published in various newspapers on 17 December 2007.

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