Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You Madam

"Do not denigrate the office of Prime Minister" UPA chairperson tells the Opposition Party BJP. Thank you Madam, for the concern you have for the highest office of the country. But Chanakyan wonders where was this regard for the PM when so called consultants and Media people were deciding portfolios and the cabinet. In the West-Minister model of government, it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister, as the first among the equals, to decide his cabinet. But what happened in 2009? It was Radia and the Media, allies, everyone and anyone, except the Prime Minister, who decided the Cabinet. Where was the dignity of the office of the PM then Madam?

Or is it because our Honest PM was busy with international problems that he outsourced the Cabinet formation to talented consultants? By the way, you have told several times that our PM is honest in every fora. Chanakyan has got a doubt Madam. Why you didnt say the same in case of Shri.A.Raja? Why you dont want to declare him Honest Madam?

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