Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Socialism is defunct. We need Capital and Capitalism" - The Grand Old Man of Communism Mr.Jyoti Basu.

"We need Foreign Investment in Retail Sector" - Chief Minister of West Bengal Mr.Bhattacharya.

"We will NOT allow Foreign Investment in Retail Sector" - Mr.Prakash Karat, MP, CPI(M)

What is happening here? The Communist Party is talking in many voices, but all contradicting its own ideology.

Chanakyan has a suggestion to the Communists.

Better change your name to Capitalist Party of India (McDonalds)

But as the old saying goes, Everything happens for the better. What else can be better than the complete disintegration and decimation of the communist parties in India?

A suggestion for the Readers. Please read "Animal Farm' By George Orwell, in which he had described how Communists were born and how they will transform themselves into Capitalists once again.

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