Friday, January 4, 2008

The whole country, especially Media that calls itself the Country, is up in arms against the Mumbai Police Chief for his delayed action and also his casual remark that "It happens everywhere".  Well, there were some 50-80 men, according to various estimates, who outraged the modesty of two women in an inebriated condition.  But what action can be taken against those same Media, which showed the video clippings of the incident and published the photographs and outraged the modesty of the same two girls before millions of public all over the country and the whole world?

What about those spineless idiots, who, instead of saving the girls, just went on to shoot it on their cameras and mobiles? What about those who shared the video on you  tube in the guise of raising their voice in support of the girls but actually satisfying their vicarious pleasure in seeing and making public those video clips?

Media, again, has gone so low that it can never redeem itself. All it does is for publicity and revenue and TRP rating, nothing else.  Everything is business for them.

Watch "15 Minutes" by Robert De Nero, you will agree with me.

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